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Outsourced BI & Analytics services should never be a black box. With ntelliga, you have found an onshore + nearshore partner. Get data projects built on a transparent, direct relationship tailored to your requirements.

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“Thanks to ntelliga’s expertise and collaborative approach, we optimized our internal Business Intelligence data platform by making it more future-oriented and improved the interaction with our data stakeholders.”

Christian Bitter, Global Product Owner xarvio Business Intelligence, BASF Digital Farming GmbH

Two Cooperation Models


For short or one-time projects with low to medium complexity.

We manage the entire project from start to finish based on your data requirements, including planning and staffing.

Our onshore consultants manage all strategic activities, including business analysis and project management. Our nearshore development team handles the implementation and project execution.

Dedicated Team

For long-term, ongoing projects where you want full control of the BI development team.

We create a development team dedicated to your data needs with a combination of nearshore BI experts

We find the right team members based on your requirements, then give you direct access to manage them on your own

Why ntelliga?

We combine the speed, specialist focus, and cost-effectiveness of an outsourced delivery model with the data privacy, compliance, quality assurance and close timezone proximity of an onshore data consultancy.

In-house BI expertise isn’t realistic for many brands and businesses, but the risks of outsourcing to faceless agencies four or more time zones away are becoming too high.

Business Intelligence is not just data technology. It relies on relationships – built on open communication and a deep understanding of your company’s reality – to deliver great results.

Our unique onshore + nearshore service model allows you to keep development costs down while benefiting from low time lag when sharing information and deploying resources.


Germany + UK

Direct communication and oversight

Our strategic consultants based in both the UK and Germany give you direct communication and oversight.

Reduced risk

Onshore delivery reduces the risk of communication breakdowns and cultural misunderstandings – the most common problems with offshore outsourcing.

Compliance and Privacy

Our onshore consultants are in place to ensure all services are fully compliant with UK/EU data standards and privacy regulations.




Time Proximity Advantage

Egypt is in the same time zone as most of Europe. We run our meetings and deliver for our clients on their schedule.

Robust technology infrastructure + skilled professionals

Egypt has strong technology infrastructure and a skilled workforce of data analysts, engineers, and researchers for any BI project needs.

Fluency in English and Arabic

English is widely spoken in Egypt, providing our clients with easy, direct communication with our development specialists.

“The team of ntelliga performed our data project very well. Even though a critical operation took place in the backend of the production systems, the customers were able to use the data during the process without any negative impact.”

Guido Janeck, Head of IT, Bertrandt Technology Consulting GmbH

Our Team

Our founders each have 12+ years of hands-on, technical experience on complex BI projects. While many BI outsourcing companies operate as anonymous, obscure businesses, we believe our clients should know exactly who they’re working with.

Saad Elsherif

CEO / founder

Timo Reith

Co-founder / Business Rep DACH

Raafat Zarka

Co-founder / Business rep UK

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