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    We design and implement business intelligence solutions using a multi-shore model, letting our clients benefit from high quality deliverables and reduction in costs at the same time.

    Ntelliga offers on-shore experienced BI Consultants based in Germany, beside a team of off-shore BI Developers based in Egypt. With our managed multi-shore model we can provide our clients with the flexibility and cost benefit achieved through our off-shore team, while enjoying localized support, market-expertise and culture.

    We engage our clients early in an iterative development process to ensure their vision around business requirements are fully realized in our delivered solution:

    1. Our BI consultant based in Germany discusses the requirements on-site with our client and take over the coordination with our off-shore developer team based in Egypt. As a dedicated project manager he is responsible for delivering the final solution.
    2. Our off-shore developer team based in Egypt implement the solution based on the requirements and report on daily basis to the project manager.
    3. During a feedback-session, the project manager validates the results on-site with the client and discusses change requests if needed.

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